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Purchase STM School Lunches Online

Ordering lunches has never been easier!

Online ordering of the monthly menu is available at Boonli (formerly known as OrderLunches. 


New and returning parents must register at  The program provides a secure, fast and easy-to-use online ordering system that allows you to view the lunch menu, order and manage your child’s lunches on the web and full customer support for our families. 


A coordinator, two assistants, and one or two parent volunteers staff the St. Thomas More School Hot Lunch Program. 


Hot lunch is pre-ordered one month in advance, and is available to all students, staff, and guests for a cost of $5.00 per lunch with an additional entrée serving for $2.00.  Students not wishing to participate in the hot lunch program need to bring a cold lunch from home.  


We prepare only the number of lunches that are recorded as “ordered” and prepaid.  In the case of a forgotten lunch, students can purchase a lunch for $10.00 since they are not able to call home.  Students should have permission in advance from their parents to purchase a lunch on days that a lunch from home is forgotten.


The September 2019 menu will be available for orders beginning on August 1st, 2019.  The menu cycle is always available for orders the 1st through the 20th of the preceding month.  Therefore, September orders are taken August 1st through August 20th accordingly. Orders placed after the 20th of the month will be charged a $25.00 late order fee in addition to the lunches purchased. A reminder e-mail will be sent when the next ordering cycle is available to access. Please go to the School website for instructions on how to enter orders.  Please remember to keep a copy for your records. 


If a student is absent or decides they don’t like the hot lunch being served that day we are not able to refund the money.  Sorry, no credits for missed lunches due to illness, weather (snow days), vacations, fieldtrips or forgetfulness.


If you have any questions about the hot lunch program, please contact MJ Schouten at

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