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STEAM Challenge - Caine's Arcade

Core Curriculum and Specialist Classes


St. Thomas More Catholic School offers our students a rigorous and engaging curriculum in all grades that includes:


  • Religion

  • Mathematics

  • Languages Arts

  • Science

  • Social Studies

  • Physical Education

  • Health

  • Spanish

  • Art

  • Music

  • Computer Skills

Timeless Teachings in a Changing World


Guided by our school’s mission and philosophy, St. Thomas More Catholic School offers a comprehensive educational experience that provides a developmentally appropriate curriculum addressing social, emotional, and academic growth.


Our students learn through traditional and multi-disciplinary experiences at each grade-level. Teachers construct their lessons using the Archdiocese of Portland Curriculum Standards that are further expanded for optimal student learning and growth. Throughout the school, children are encouraged to make choices that can lead to independence, self-confidence, responsibility, and respect for those around them. 


Additional Programs


In addition to our Core Curriculum and Specialist Classes, St. Thomas More offers a variety of enrichment opportunities for students in all grades.


  • Service Learning Program (Grades K-8)

  • 1:1 iPad Integration (Grades K-8)

  • Learning Resource Program

  • Drama Club 

  • STEAM Club

  • Departmentalized middle school with specialist teachers in science, math, language arts & social studies

  • Library program

  • Oregon Battle of the Books

  • Music performances during Christmas and Spring

  • High school level Algebra and Geometry 

  • Instructional Assistants in Primary Grades

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