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St. Thomas More Catholic School utilitizes the 1:1 model of teaching in every subject. All students are issued a school owned iPad to use a tool throughout their day. Our curriculum is designed to provide experiences that will promote competency and the successful mastery of developmental tasks through adjusting expectations, varied activities and materials and through interactions in the learning environment. Learning is presented to students using a variety of sensory experiences to teach concepts. 

Our Kindergarten through Grade 8 curriculum was based upon national standards, recommendations from the archdiocesan Catholic high schools, and the Oregon department of Education. Our goal is that all students master the outcomes for their grade level, and that processes will be used by learners to deepen their mathematical understanding and increase their knowledge and proficiency. Curriculum includes Kindergarten through Algebra I, with the opportunity for Geometry in Grade 8.

Our science program at STM teaches students to think critically about scientific topics that may impact their own lives. Students use scientific inquiry that is consistent with love and respect for God’s creation. Our science curriculum helps students demonstrate a deep conceptual understanding and appreciation of scientific principles and how the world works, while acting as responsible stewards of the earth. At each grade level, students use evidence, think critically, make connections, and communicate using appropriate scientific vocabulary in a hands-on environment.

The music program at St. Thomas More focuses on developing individual and collective musicianship combining the performance experience with the acquisition of musical literacy, equipping each student, K-8, with lifelong skills that carry many rewards for their future development. Using diversified methods, including the Music Mind Games curriculum, students become proficient in decoding musical notation by sight-singing melody and reading rhythm. Students learn the language of music and build comprehension and facility through the voice and the body utilizing all learning modalities. Students at STM are expected and encouraged to participate in Mass by singing in the congregation and in Mass Choir, by using their skills to cantor, and by playing percussion and other instruments, in keeping with STM's spiritual goals of personal growth and service. Our Mass music reinforces our music literacy skills and integrates Church history and Catholic culture into our study of music.

At St. Thomas More, we understand that students learn in a variety of ways. We provide opportunities for students to experience language arts as a means to deepen, understand, and communicate Catholic values and responsibilities. Students will develop a love of reading, writing, speaking, and listening in order to value and apply each in their everyday life.  English Language Arts is an integrated subject matter with students utilizing essential skills effectively in all disciplines. 


Social Studies standards are addressed in a context that promotes Catholic teaching, social sciences analysis, civic responsibility, understanding of global relationships, connections between past, present and future, and the ability to evaluate historical and contemporary issues. Students develop moral character and respect for self and others and become productive individuals who recognize their rights and responsibilities as global citizens. Curriculum includes study of culture, people, places, religions, and environments, while critically evaluating historical and present day events to inform suture decisions.

The physical education program at St. Thomas More enhances the holistic approach to the development of the human person melding mind, body, and spirit. Students develop a respect for their body and the need to learn and experience the physical skills of balance, rhythm, and coordination. Our goal is to foster physical fitness, healthy living, and the development of lifelong good health habits

Computer OS/iOS 

1:1 iPad School



  • Word Processing

  • Graphic Design

  • Spreadsheet

  • Slide Show & Presentation, 

  • Movies & Photos

  • Sound & Music

Online Safety & Digital Citizenship


  • Sphero Robots

  • Hour of Code

  • Smart Devices

  • MicroBits

  • 3D Printing



At St. Thomas More, we participate in the educational mission of the Catholic Church. Students demonstrate their understanding of the content of the Religion curriculum at their particular grade level. We endeavor to lead students to a full and deepening understanding of God’s love for them. Students participate in prayer opportunities and in liturgical and sacramental celebrations as developmentally appropriate. St. Thomas More students learn to be agents of change by engaging in service opportunities in our community.


In a complex world where multiculturality is a personal asset, St. Thomas More's Spanish program is designed to provide a basic knowledge of the Spanish Language and Culture. In the lower grades (k-4) we focus on learning vocabulary and pronunciation, as this is when brain language development and voice articulation happens, while in the upper grades (5-8) we work on the structures of the language and cultural diversity in the Spanish speaking countries, empowering the student to communicate in Spanish. All of it from a communicative approach, under the American Council on the Teaching Foreign Language (ACTFL) standards.

Art education is an integral part of the K-8 curriculum at St. Thomas More. Our program enriches the educational experience by nurturing creativity and stimulating the imagination of our students. Students develop critical thinking skills and problem-solving abilities through the exploration of a variety of art materials. Students grow in respect for the similarities and differences of artistic expression found in various time periods, cultures and world-views throughout the ages while studying prehistoric, historic, contemporary, and futuristic works of art

STEAM is an educational approach to learning that uses Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics as access points for guiding student inquiry, dialogue, and critical thinking. The end results are students who take thoughtful risks, engage in experiential learning, persist in problem-solving, embrace collaboration, and work through the creative process. These are the innovators, educators, leaders, and learners of the 21st century!

STEAM is carefully woven throughout St. Thomas More in all grades and subjects. 

St. Thomas More has a STEAM coordinator and we are currently in pursuit of certification.

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