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  • Funding class activities, parties, and fieldtrips

  • Welcoming and providing mentors for new families

  • Sponsoring school wide assemblies

  • Funding and hosting school wide fairs, festivals, and community activities

  • Providing grants to teachers for technology and instructional supplements

  • Sponsoring, supporting and managing seminars and training for parents on issues pertinent to raising and educating children

  • Assisting with Archdiocesan-mandated parent training sessions

Parent Teacher Organization - PTO


One of the most important components of a good school is the partnership between the school and parents who work together for the best interest of children. The close partnership between home and school is one of the exceptional strengths at St. Thomas More Catholic School. We have a strong tradition of supportive and hard-working parents. Throughout the year parents have the opportunity to develop that partnership in a wide variety of ways. Parents join the PTO, volunteer in the classroom, help during fundraisers, attend School Advisory Council meetings, read to their children each night, and help in many other ways. It is important to your child that you are involved in some way at school. It’s a way to let your child know you think his or her school is important.


Mission Statement


St. Thomas More Catholic School is a Catholic parish school centered in Gospel values and dedicated to maximizing the spiritual and educational development of the whole child.  In conjunction with the school faculty and administration, the St. Thomas More Catholic School Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) cultivates and develops parent participation in school-centered activities designed to enhance the educational experience of the students of St. Thomas More Catholic School (STM), and acts as a liaison between parents and the school faculty and administration, the School Advisory Council (SAC), and the parish pastor.  St. Thomas More Catholic School Parent Teacher Organization, through its fundraisers, enhances curriculum, instruction, and parent education in the many way.

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