St. Thomas More Catholic School

Mission Statement

St. Thomas More School is a kindergarten through eighth grade parish school committed to strengthening Catholic identity and Gospel values, serving others, and promoting academic excellence.


School Philosophy


St. Thomas More Catholic School is a Catholic parish community offering its members an environment that supports the Christian development of all its members.


  • We are committed to fostering academic excellence, teaching the Gospel message, building community, and accepting the responsibility of serving others and promoting social justice.


  • We value education as a life‑long process, with its roots in the family. We support the family by providing a strong foundation for the healthy, spiritual, academic, social, creative, physical and emotional growth of each child.


  • We value teachers as role models of faith and facilitators of learning in a student-centered environment that fosters children to become self-disciplined, involved learners.


  • We envision our graduates as people who serve responsibly, treat others in a Christian manner, and make learning a life-long endeavor.