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FACTS Grant & Aid


If you are concerned that you will not be able to afford the cost of tuition, for the school year, tuition assistance may be available. The process to obtain tuition assistance is multifaceted.

First, each family requesting assistance must submit a formal application to FACTS Grant and Aid. This application asks that you provide contact information, student and school information and detailed data on your financial situation. FACTS needs to know your annual income and expenses, along with a detail of your families’ assets and liabilities. FACTS Grant and Aid is a third party administrator whose primary business is to collect financial information so that they may verify and assess need. The relationship between the family, FACTS Grant and Aid and the school provides many benefits: sensitive information is kept confidential; the same criteria for need is applied to all families throughout the Archdiocese; the Archdiocese and St. Thomas More School has empirical data to use in making the decision on how to allocate limited resources. This application to FACTS Grant and Aid is available online: Facts Grant & Aid.  



The Archdiocese of Portland in Oregon is the administrator of an Endowment Fund. Earnings from that fund are allocated to the schools within the Archdiocese to provide tuition assistance. In April, the Administrator at the Archdiocese will review needs assessment reports from FACTS Grant and Aid and will notify each school of their portion of the endowment earnings available for tuition assistance. Then, between (TBA) St. Thomas More School will notify each school applicant of the amount, if any, that will be paid to the school for tuition on their behalf.


Lastly, after the allocation from the Archdiocese is made, you may apply to an oversight committee at STM for additional funding. The details of this secondary application process will be contained in your notification letter. However, the same criteria for need that the Archdiocese uses will be applied for any tuition assistance granted by STM.

  • Please apply for tuition assistance if you need it.

  • Realize that if you do not apply through these channels, NO tuition assistance will be available.

  • All information is kept strictly confidential.

  • Don’t miss the deadline.

  • Late applications will be accepted only if you have a change in circumstances.

  • Funds available for tuition assistance are limited. Please comply with the process outlined above so that we may make the best possible decision in allocating limited resources. 

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