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School Advisory Council (SAC)


Mission Statement

In support of the school vision, the St. Thomas More Catholic School Advisory Council, as the representative body of the parish and school communities, advises and consults with the pastor and principal regarding policy, finance, and strategic planning.


School Advisory Council Scope of Responsibility

  1. The council will provide consultative support to the pastor and principal for the establishment of school policy.

  2. Upon request, the council will advise the pastor or principal on administrative issues.

  3. In areas of finance, the council will be responsible to the pastor for financial aspects of the school’s operation, including budgeting, monitoring of expenditures, and financial planning.

  4. The council will develop a long‑term strategic plan for the school.

  5. The council will provide a forum for the school community, offer opportunity for input, and assist in the dissemination of information on policy issues.


Policy recommendations can be initiated by the principal, pastor, or school advisory council members. Parents can call the council’s attention to policy issues in several ways. A specific amount of time is designated during the meeting for visitors to raise policy issues that may be considered at future meetings. Items to be considered for the agenda must be submitted in writing to the chairperson ten days prior to the meeting. As elected officials, school council members are responsive to the concerns of their constituency and input into particular policy decisions may be directed to them individually. The School Council meets in the Parish Hall at 6:30 P.M. on the third Tuesday of each month. Visitors are welcome.

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