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Principal of St. Thomas Catholic More School,


Welcome to St. Thomas More Catholic School located in the scenic West Hills of Portland, Oregon.  We offer a comprehensive K-8 academic program that is fully accredited by the Western Catholic Education Association at the highest level.  This recognition assures you of our quality of Catholic education and commitment to continued student learning.


Our mission at St. Thomas More Catholic School is centered in Gospel values and is dedicated to maximizing the spiritual and educational development of the whole child through a strong faith-based curriculum.  Teachers are role models who share their faith, talents, and experience in a caring, creative, and accepting atmosphere.  Our students are able to grow to understand the roots of their faith and their responsibilities as global citizens.  Parents are dedicated to making sure our school thrives. This level of commitment permeates the total education program offered at St. Thomas More Catholic School and is clearly visible as you walk through the hallways or join us in celebration.


St. Thomas More Catholic School’s inspired and distinctive Catholic identity is shaped and supported by our holistic approach to education, which includes music, art, Spanish language, health, library, computer technology, physical education, and a solid core curriculum.  St Thomas More Catholic School graduates are responsible, dedicated students who are prepared to achieve at their full potential during their high school years and beyond. 


Sincerely, Katy Smith - Principal

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